Laboratory for Atmospheric Research

Micrometeorology Research Group

Quantify response of dryland ecosystems to climate change
Understand water-atmosphere interactions
Study hydrological impacts of sub-surface processes on land-surface fluxes
Investigate canopy micrometeorological processes over complex terrain
Flow around complex surface (stanford bunny) using immersed boundary method in WRF-LES
Atmospheric processes over complex terrain with WRF-LES-IBM (Immersed Boundary Method) -- Bolund case
About Us

Our research centers on the theory, measurements, and modeling of micrometeorology and ecosystem-atmosphere interactions across a variety of temporal and spatial scales over natural and disturbed ecosystems. Key themes of our group include turbulence structures in disturbed atmospheric surface layer, plant canopy micrometeorogical processes over complex terrain, land-surface fluxes and climate interactions, carbon emissions from inland waters, and eddy covariance theory and techniques. Check out our Research page to learn more about our current projects.

We value collaboration with different groups.

Our Research in Media

Our research in media -- Changes to drylands with future climate change. [WSU News;; EurekAlert!;;; Science Daily; infosurhoy; Environmental News Network]   April 3, 2020

Our research in media -- Inland waterways emit more carbon than expected. [WSU News; NSF Top Story; Environmental research; Scienmag; ScienceDaily;; ScienceNewsline; EurekAlert; Environmental Monitor]   May 24, 2016


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♦ Publication Accelerated dryland expansion regulates future variability in dryland gross primary production  -Nature Communications, April 03, 2020

♦ Publication Effects of irrigation on water, carbon, and nitrogen budgets in a semi‐arid watershed in the Pacific Northwest: A modelling study  -Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, April, 2020

♦ Publication Effects of persistent wind speeds on turbulent fluxes in the water-atmosphere interface  -Theoretical and Applied Climatology January, 2020

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